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By working with A&A, you get more than professional legal representation. A&A, is a client-focused firm, attentive to the needs of clients, and focused on giving the best and most efficient representation possible.

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A&A is a litigation firm. We represent clients on cases ranging from simple, to the most complex. Our experience in a wide range of matters allows us to guide our clients to the best and most efficient results.

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Business Litigation

General & Collections

A&A has litigated a wide range of business disputes between companies and their clients/customers, vendors, rivals, employees, contractors, or even between business partners. We have litigated matters involving breaches of contracts, freezing out partners, fraudulent concealment of profits, insurance coverage, intellectual property disputes, wage and hour violations, unfair business practices, and much more. A&A has also developed a focus over the years on collection of debts owed between businesses, including aggressive pursuit of debts both pre-and-post-judgment.

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Disability Rights Litigation

Advice and Litigation

A&A advises many of its clients, including shopping centers, commercial landlords, restaurants, gas stations, and other small businesses, regarding how to comply with various disability rights laws, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA") and California's Unruh Act. Most businesses do not know they are violating these laws. By the time A&A is contacted it is often too late. A&A can provide invaluable advice in how to navigate a disability rights lawsuit most efficiently, achieving compliance, while paying the least amount possible to do so. A&A will also occasionally represent plaintiffs in certain cases.

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Personal Injury

Maximizing Recovery

Given the choice, most people would take health over wealth. Sometimes, unfortunately, others make those choices for us, either intentionally, or through carelessness, causing us physical harm. When that happens, we should not be saddled with the cost, burden, and pain of an injury that was not our fault. However, most of these cases involve defendants and insurance companies that will fight tooth and nail to reimburse you as little money as possible, especially without a lawyer. A&A can maximize your recovery. A&A has handled personal injury cases including car accidents, falls (slip and trip), bus accidents, elder abuse, and more.

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Jon Atabek

Founding Attorney

Jon Atabek has been involved in high stakes litigation involving some of the biggest companies, both in the United States, and abroad. Mr. Atabek has also seen success in both disability rights and personal injury matters, establishing a proven track record of success in matters both big and small.

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Shella Alcabes

Of Counsel

Shella Alcabes joined A&A in 2017, and has become a cornerstone of A&A's complex business litigation practice. A 2005 graduate of Stanford University, and a 2009 graduate from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, California, Shella started her career with Morrison & Forrester, LLP, and is admitted to practice in both California and New York.

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Robert Cohen

Of Counsel

Robert M. Cohen has been practicing personal injury and business litigation for more than 36 years. Mr. Cohen has the unique ability to evaluate most cases from a perspective that only comes with having seen it all. Mr. Cohen is also admitted to practice in both California and New York.

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News & Headlines

Lawyers Win Preliminary Approval of Class Settlement

March 21, 2018

A&A, together with co-counsel from the law firm of Keker Van Nest & Peters, LLP ("KVP"), and the  non-profit the Disability Rights Legal Center ("DRLC") won preliminary approval of their class action settlement with Shasta County, California, regarding the lawsuit Jewett v. Shasta County, which involves allegations of widespread violation of the rights of disabled inmates at the Shasta County Jail, including imposition of solitary confinement for little more than being disabled. To see a copy of the notice of class action settlement, please use the above link.

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